EmberTribe is a digital marketing agency focusing on growth through paid channel traffic. Jayca is an all-channel lead customer growth expert helping high-growth company clients surpass their customer acquisition goals through constant, methodic, and imaginative paid strategies.


Wanting to find the specific audience of women who have a high interest in personal health, hygiene, and general well-being, Jayca started to look for the right targeting tactics. As healthful living is a basic human need, the challenge laid in finding highly engaged women who would be excited to try a new feminine wellness product that is free from harmful chemicals.

The conventional method to find this audience would have been to target people on Facebook based on gender and age, then include some similar product interests – which is relatively easy with the built-in filtering options. Further narrowing the audience to get to the people who are thinking about this topic on an almost daily basis, not just prospects who may have liked some related content a Facebook page at some point, is where it gets fairly complicated.

Another strategy is targeting lookalikes of previous purchasers. Dealing in lookalikes is a tried-and-true method for even junior Facebook advertisers, but the challenge with this client was a weak purchase history – how could Facebook build a proper, profitable lookalike of customers from a small number of historical purchases?

As Jayca needed real results that produced real revenue, and because she focuses on tactics that work rather than limiting herself to best practices, she needed an out of the box technique. This is how she started off her journey with 42matters’ Audience Finder.

How Audience Finder Helped

After experimenting with different audiences with the 42matters Audience Finder, she settled on users that have certain period tracker apps installed, which indicated a stronger dedication in the subject.

Audience Finder: Selecting an audience that has period trackers installed

Then, the Audience Finder allowed her to export the highly targeted audience into her Facebook Ad Account with just one click. Jayca then combined these audiences with other Facebook targeting options to further narrow down the target audience.


Reaching the highest ROAS even compared to using lookalike of existing customers was a great success, exceeding our expectations. Same creatives performed 42% better with 42matters' audience.

Targeting women with a specific interest based on their apps installed allowed for views from the right people, saving time and money on a new campaign by establishing a relevant audience from the beginning.