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Say Goodbye to Wasted Ad Spend
On the Wrong Target Audience!

Audience Finder helps you create an ad-efficient Facebook and Instagram audience based upon user's mobile app downloads ... Including competitor's apps!

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What is Audience Finder?

Facebook and Instagram Ad Targeting with Unmatched Precision

Save Time

With our precision targeting technology we help you find your best target audience faster than ever before. You'll spend less time selecting potentially incorrect interests & behaviors and more time running ads to your perfect target audience.

Increase Targeting Efficiency

Mobile device usage increases daily and is one of the most reliable sources of active customer engagement. Now you can get beyond web traffic alone and target users based on the mobile apps they have installed on their mobile devices.

Improve Ad Engagement

Every advertiser wants to target users who are active and engaged in the content they serve. With Audience Finder you can now target active, highly engaged mobile users and increase your ad engagement, relevancy and bottom line results.

Select an app; export its audience into your Facebook ad account

How it Works

We help matching active mobile app users to active Facebook & Instagram users for your ads targeting across devices and platforms.

Why You Want It?

You'll get a head-start on the competition, from precise niches to competitors, your ad targeting will get laser-focused.

100+ million

User Profiles

6+ million

Mobile Apps


Easy Solution

Use your exported audience in your Facebook ad targeting

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First-Class Features For Your Facebook & Instagram Ad Targeting

Integrates Seamlessly with Your Ad Account

Export your ideal audience to Facebook with one click

Target with Laser-focused Audiences

Target users based on the mobile apps they have installed

Easily Create Lookalike Audiences

Automatically create a lookalike audience to increase your reach

Further Refine with
Facebook Targeting Options

Combine Audience Finder high precision targeting with Facebook's own targeting option

Target All
Facebook & Instagram Placements

Ranging from conversion optimized ads on a desktop feed to mobile app install ads

Save Time with
Ad Set Duplication

Fast ad duplication for testing different audiences with existing ads

Who will benefit the most?

Digital Marketing
Campaign Managers

Get higher CTR, better qualified leads and increased retention rates

Digital Marketing

Get better conversion rates and increased engagement rates for your clients

Data Driven

Chart out your marketing strategy with the most qualified leads

What People Are Saying

“Audience Finder allowed us to hyper-target a very specific audience for our client in a way that resulted in 42% increase in Return on Ad Spend compared to other audiences, including layered interest and lookalikes.”


“Having the ability to focus directly on audience layering from common interests keeps our costs noticeably down while building high value customers.”


“Audience Finder allowed me to find active surfers who check surf reports or watch surf videos with apps. It was a great tool that really narrowed down my audience beyond their Facebook interests


“42matters Audience Finder helped us to reach people who are sustainability-oriented and open for innovative products. Thus we can be efficient with our marketing budget and improve our cost per result significantly.”


Brands you know that rely on our data

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Affordable Pricing for Your Marketing Dollar

Pay As You Go Pricing

We take a fee based on the actual usage of our audiences, so it's less risky for you to try it out


8% on the ads spending of campaigns using our audiences

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For agencies and bigger spenders we're happy to provide a custom solution

Contact Us

I have some questions

Where does your data come from?

We work with several partners and app-developers who are integrating our technology. We ensure that our data is of high quality and always validated against the highest standards.

I don't know which apps my target would use. Can you help?

We provide free consultation to our customers and help them understand today's mobile-first users.

Who is 42matters?

42matters is a leader in App Intelligence Business. We sell high-quality mobile data and insights to big brands and work with major DMPs on the audience side.

What about data protection?

Our data is permission-based and legally-sourced under applicable data-privacy laws.

Can I also advertise my website using this mobile data?

Absolutely yes. Exported audiences can be used with any Facebook placement and platform such as Desktop, Mobile, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and with any objective: lead, traffic, conversion, etc.

Targeting Examples

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