How to Target Early Adopters,Tech and Gadget Fans on Facebook

Early adopters, gadget fans and geeks, all of them can be a perfect audience on Facebook. How can you classify them “individually”? How can you distinguish a phone early adopter from a smart watch addict? It’s important to start by knowing your audience.

Usually they share a number of common characteristics that can be invaluable for your targeting and messaging process:

  • They love technology, as the definition above suggests.
  • They are willing to try new things before others in their demographics do.
  • They're typically more urban and suburban, and have income to spend on technological gadgets they don't absolutely need.
  • They're more often male than female, although this tendency is changing.

Building Your Facebook Campaign With a Tech Angle

In the audience section of Facebook's Ads Manager, you should always start with general demographic and geographic information. Though it may not be the most accurate, it is still efficient to slice through the whole, gigantic data panel Facebook offers. With the above information, you can define geeks or tech enthusiasts as relatively young (18 - 34), male, with a higher than average income range for your home base. Geographically, look for cities over rural areas.

From there, move to interest-based targeting. Here, you can define your audience based on the types of pages they like, content they post, and other elements that lets Facebook conclude their interest in a given topic. There's an entire technology section that is worth browsing; depending on your product, you might find your perfect audience to be heavy iPhone users or Android fans. From your website data (via Google Analytics for instance), you can actually pinpoint what your mobile users use as a device/OS and target them accordingly.

As a third layer, Facebook offers behavioural targeting that pulls in data from its own network as well as third-party websites. Several categories are relevant for this audience and vertical within that section:

  • Digital activities, such as early adopters of technology, console gamers, or users or a particular operating system.
  • Purchase behaviour, which includes a technology section that allows you to get closer to the products they tend to love.
  • Job roles, if you can define whether a certain job (such as web developer or graphic designer) is especially common among your customers.

These three layers allow you to build a very specific audience that maximises your ad relevance. Still, you cannot rely on one audience for success. Build out multiple variations, including some that challenge the hypotheses and characteristics above. Then, test these audiences against each other to see which outperforms the other, and which deserves more budget in the future.

Efficiently target your Early Adopter and Gadget Fan  Audience using Mobile App Targeting

At 42matters, we believe that installed apps give amazing insight to users’ interests especially as it is getting more and more difficult to target people with strong intent.

This is the reason why we created the Audience Finder. By taking advantage of our extensive app database, we help you create audiences based on apps people have on their mobile devices since these apps show what they are most interested in.

The benefits of using the Audience Finder for your Facebook Ads Audiences

  1. Reach mobile AND desktop users. Because Facebook users are mapped across devices and apps, you can reach them everywhere, even on Instagram and Messenger.
  2. Be as precise as one installed app. With millions of app in our database, no user is out of reach.
  3. Find and target a considerably stronger audience. It's not just about matching what a user reads online but what he has committed to install and use.
  4. Target customers of your competitors or of similar services.
  5. Combine traditional Facebook advertising with extra precision thanks to our tool.

The 3-step process to target Geeks & Nerds with the Audience Finder

  • First, define the apps your audience is most likely to have installed, such as specific apps about certain technologies (e.g. voice assistants) or tech-related shopping apps.
Tech Apps in the Audience Finder
  • Then, you are a click away from exporting your custom audience to your Facebook Ads account. A lookalike audience is also added in the process to broaden your reach.
  • All that remains now is to create your campaign using the given audience!
Tech apps in Audience Finder before export

Try the Audience Finder for free!

Combine Audience Finder audiences with Facebook Ads to reach your business goals at better costs. You can use the Audience Finder for free with our 14-day trial and find how it can power-up your marketing efforts!

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Audience Finder can provide audiences with a higher granularity and stronger intent. Ideally, combining both Facebook Targeting and Audience Finder’s results will give you a more effective ad targeting strategy that will place your ads directly in front of the right people.