Melanie Balke is a Growth Strategist for BAMF Media. She is a 360° Marketing Badass with a passion and main focus on growth through all stages of the funnel. She has an extremely wide array of experience in a range of industries and businesses.


Big Wave Surf Survival is a breath-holding course that was created to teach surfers how to hold their breath underwater for extended periods of time. The course was designed to allow surfers to feel more confident, comfortable and be safer in bigger surf.

Wanting to find active surfers for an “Advanced Surf Training,” Melanie’s research for the best audience began. The challenge was targeting surfers with enough experience and interest to sign up for an advanced training.

The normal way to find this audience would have been to target people on Facebook based on related interests, such as surfing. Facebook offers a great reach for that, but it is difficult to drill down to the more active surfers and to avoid targeting people who have shown interest, but don’t really practice the sport.

Always eager to find the best audience for her clients using innovative techniques, Melanie experimented with 42matters’ Audience Finder.

How Audience Finder Helped

With the 42matters Audience Finder, it was possible to target very specific users that have surfing apps installed, like surf cams and surf forecasts. As there are apps covering needs for different levels of surfers, Melanie researched the best apps that indicated stronger surfing expertise for her client.

Audience Finder: Selecting an audience that has surfer apps installed

Audience Finder allowed her to export the highly targeted audience, people who have these apps installed, into her Facebook Ad Account with one click. These people are matched on Facebook across desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, the Audience Finder triggered a lookalike creation to even further increase the reach.


Overall, the campaign was a great success, driving the target audience to the course’s landing page. Targeting specifically skilled surfers based on their app usage allowed for views from the right people. It also saved a lot of time at the cold start of a new campaign by selecting a very relevant audience from the start.