The travel industry has seen a major shift over the past few years. Consumers and business travelers alike are moving online, in favour of online marketplaces like Expedia. If that's where they find their flights, rentals, and hotels, why not build a campaign specifically designed to engage them in the same medium?

What Makes Travelers Unique?

At first glance, the market for this industry is wide. Young families travel as much, but very differently, than empty nesters. Business consultants travel daily, but so do a number of other professions. There doesn't tend to be a limit to ages or other types of demographics other than household income. That said, this audience does share a few common characteristics:

  • This is not their first time traveling. Most likely, they've traveled recently, whether it be for business or pleasure.
  • They're looking for convenience and comfort. After all, the act of traveling itself, whether it be plane rides or long car rides, is not always pleasant.
  • They're increasingly looking for social validation on their travels, whether it be reading reviews of the company in question or sharing their experience on social media.

Again, as is the case for all verticals, not all of this is true for every member of your target audience. But enough members share these characteristics to make them worthy of building a targeting strategy around.

Building Your Facebook Targeting in the Travel Vertical

Based on the above information, you can build out a potentially powerful campaign. It all starts in the Audience section within Ads Manager, where you can determine exactly what group of Facebook users are most relevant to you. Some tips to get you started:

  • Limit your audience to adults, with ages between 22 and 65+.
  • Open up the geographic limitations to all areas in which you sell your product or service.
  • Focus on higher-range household incomes, for example, “Household income: top 25% of ZIP codes (US)”.
  • Target both males and females as potential decision-makers for the ticket purchase or rental.

That takes care of the basics. Now, it's time to get specific. As mentioned above, most of your customers are not traveling for the first time. Facebook has behavioural targeting opportunities that can be particularly powerful in the travel vertical precisely due to this fact.

More specifically, you can target only consumers who have traveled recently. You can get even more specific, limiting your audience to international or domestic travels. This section of the Ads Manager will likely become your best friend as you build out your larger campaign.

As you build your audience, pay attention to the live estimates of its size. Ideally, you should target a segment of at least 10,000 Facebook users. In the Audiences tool, you can also set up multiple variations of the same audience that help you test exactly where your customers are, and how to reach them.

Efficiently Target Travelers Using Mobile App Targeting

At 42matters, we believe that installed apps give amazing insight to users’ interests especially as it is getting more and more difficult to target people with strong intent.

This is the reason why we created the Audience Finder. By taking advantage of our extensive app database, we help you create audiences based on apps people have on their mobile devices since these apps show what they are most interested in.

The Benefits of Using the Audience Finder for Your Facebook Ads Audiences

  1. Reach mobile AND desktop users. Because Facebook users are mapped across devices and apps, you can reach them everywhere, even on Instagram and Messenger.
  2. Be as precise as one installed app. With millions of app in our database, no user is out of reach.
  3. Find and target a considerably stronger audience. It's not just about matching what a user reads online but what he has committed to install and use.
  4. Target customers of your competitors or of similar services.
  5. Combine traditional Facebook advertising with extra precision thanks to our tool.

The 3-Step Process to Target Travelers with the Audience Finder

  • First, define the apps your audience is most likely to have installed. Like people who are looking for traditional accommodation you could use or HotelTonight, or for alternative ways use AirBnB.
Travelling Apps in the Audience Finder Interface
  • Then, you are a click away from exporting your custom audience to your Facebook Ads account. A lookalike audience is also added in the process to broaden your reach.
  • All that remains now is to create your campaign using the given audience!
Travelling apps before export, in the Audience Finder

Try the Audience Finder for Free!

Combine Audience Finder audiences with Facebook Ads to reach your business goals at better costs. You can use the Audience Finder for free with our 14-day trial and find how it can power-up your marketing efforts!

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Audience Finder can provide audiences with a higher granularity and stronger intent. Ideally, combining both Facebook Targeting and Audience Finder’s results will give you a more effective ad targeting strategy that will place your ads directly in front of the right people.