How to Target Car Buyers on Facebook

You could be a dealership or only a vehicle owner looking to sell your car. In both instances, if you want to take full advantage of a channel like Facebook Ads you need to understand your target. Here are some leads to help you in the process!

What Makes People Who Want to Buy a Car Unique?

Who are car buyers? It's an important question, at the same time difficult to answer. They might be buying their first or fifth car. They could be in the market for a luxury vehicle or only a cheap rust bucket just to get them to school every morning. They might be male, female, married, single, rural, or urban.

These variances make finding unique characteristics of car buyers difficult on Facebook.  Fortunately car buyers share many common characteristics as well:

  • They tend to do research before making an actual buying decision, much of which happens online.
  • They might be open to different options at the start.
  • They check the price first, then the amenities and add-ons, then the brand (according to the statistics).
  • They tend to research on desktop and mobile devices as well.
  • Car buyers are unlikely to make a 5-hour journey to buy a car.

How to Build Your Targeting for Car Buyers

Through its Ads Manager, Facebook offers a number of intuitive options when it comes to targeting.

You can take advantage of location targeting by setting a radius of no more than 25 mi / 40 km around your dealership or the location of the car to buy. In addition, the brand you sell may attract one gender more than the other based on cultural traits or the personas related to the brand and model of your car (Fiat 500 was initially intended to target a female audience for instance). Keep that in mind when deciding whether gender should be part of your targeting.

Make age and income ranges dependent on the type of car you sell. A new car tends to attract an older, more affluent audience. Used cars may be better for a younger audience with a lower annual income.

You can push interest targeting through numerous other options. When defining your Audience within the Ads Manager, check the “Detailed targeting” section. In there, you can choose car brands, even models or types (suv, compact, crossovers…). If your business is about renting cars, you can also target accordingly.

Without speaking about Facebook Ads, it’s worth having content to help buyers with their choices and then retargeting readers through the platform.

This is a solid base to get started.Testing audiences and trying different ad copies will help getting closer to a better, more efficient targeting..

Efficiently target Car Buyers using Mobile App Targeting

At 42matters, we believe that installed apps give amazing insight to users’ interests especially as it is getting more and more difficult to target people with strong intent.

This is the reason why we created the Audience Finder. By taking advantage of our extensive app database, we help you create audiences based on apps people have on their mobile devices since these apps show what they are most interested in.

The benefits of using the Audience Finder for your Facebook Ads Audiences

  1. Reach mobile AND desktop users. Because Facebook users are mapped across devices and apps, you can reach them everywhere, even on Instagram and Messenger.
  2. Be as precise as one installed app. With millions of app in our database, no user is out of reach.
  3. Find and target a considerably stronger audience. It's not just about matching what a user reads online but what he has committed to install and use.
  4. Target customers of your competitors or of similar services.
  5. Combine traditional Facebook advertising with extra precision thanks to our tool.

The 3-step process to target Car Buyers with the Audience Finder

  • First, define the apps your audience is most likely to have installed. To reach car buyers you could target people that have the official app installed for instance. These people seem to have a high interest in car deals because they even installed an app for that.
Car buyer apps in the Audience Finder Interface
  • Then, you are a click away from exporting your custom audience to your Facebook Ads account. A lookalike audience is also added in the process to broaden your reach.
  • All that remains now is to create your campaign using the given audience!
Car buyer apps before export in Audience Finder

Try the Audience Finder for free!

Combine Audience Finder audiences with Facebook Ads to reach your business goals at better costs. You can use the Audience Finder for free with our 14-day trial and find how it can power-up your marketing efforts!

Should you have question, send us an e-mail at

Audience Finder can provide audiences with a higher granularity and stronger intent. Ideally, combining both Facebook Targeting and Audience Finder’s results will give you a more effective ad targeting strategy that will place your ads directly in front of the right people.